Hourly rates and "pay by the number of forms produced" promote uncertainty to what you will pay prior to the return being completed.  With a flat rate model, you will be given the rate you will pay prior to us going to work on your tax return.

Pricing (see disclaimer)

Pricing Philosophy

1.  Flat Fee Billing - Let people know what they will pay before committing to have their return prepared.

2. Reasonable Pricing - There will always be someone cheaper, however, I beleive my pricing is competitive in return for the value provided. 

REturns starting at $199

1040 with Schedule A (itemized)  $199

1040 with Schedule C (sole proprietor) $299

​1040 with Scheduled E (rental) $299

1065 Partnership Return  $650

1120 or 1120S Corporate Return  $850

*Disclaimer: The rates listed are the typical rates I charge.  However, I reserve the right to modify the pricing schedule based on specific circumstances before I get to work on your return.

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Flat Fee Billing

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